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Reckhorn 2 x D-165i Subwoofer Einbaulautspreche...
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2 x D-165i Subwoofer Einbaulautsprecher in neuem Design mit Frontgitter Einer der weltbesten 16cm Subwoofer sieht jetzt noch besser aus. Der abnehmbare Grill verdeckt den Chassisrand und die Schrauben. Alle Bauteile entsprechen der hoechsten Quali

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Stand: 20.02.2020
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Edifier Stylish 2.1 Lautsprecherset 2.1 Kanäle ...
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This stylish 2.1 speaker system designed in a piano finished wooden housing complements any environment with semi transparent grill and a glimmer of the P3060 gold subwoofer and tweeters. The 61⁄2 inch magnetically shielded bass unit produces powerful bass while the satellites with 3 inch tweeters produce clear audio quality. The P3060 can be connected with ease to multiple audio sources via the 3.5mm stereo jack or USB adaptor to provide a variety of audio solutions for users.FEATURES- 61⁄2 inch magnetically shielded, gold finished bass unit- USB input slot for plug and play capabilities- Semi-transparent speaker grills- Gold finished 3 inch tweeter drivers- Volume, bass and navigation controls located on the back panel of the subwoofer- Speaker system enclosed in a wooden housing- Unique design effectively reduces interference

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Stand: 20.02.2020
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