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Ile Aux Cerfs Tour
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Our full day Catamaran cruise packages includes snacks, BBQ buffet lunch and drinks as well as some time on the famous Isle aux cerfs tour. Once on the island you may go for a walk and enjoy the islands spectacular beaches or just sit back and relax before setting sail back to the embarkation point with a chilled drink in hand whilst listening and dancing to the sound of the Sega music played by our crew members You will be able to understand the history in the south east of Mauritius in dutch period.On our way to  isle aux cerfs,you will discover more islands for example the phare island ,isle aux aigrettes etc.. Lunch/drinks/beverages(all along) • Pasta and rice salad • Grill fish/chicken and sausage • Soft drinks/juice and water • Local beer/wine/rum and snack.

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